Why do you need a professional real estate/architectural photographer

A professional photographer has the proper equipment and eye for photographing architecture. When I enter a home, the first thing that I am doing is viewing the property as if I am viewing it through the camera lens. In my opinion, the most important aspect of a photo, is how well it is framed. I don't mean printing an image, framing it, and then hanging it. I mean being able to get the angles, furniture, height, lighting, etc., all in harmony for the photo. A professional photographer also has the knowledge and know how to properly edit an image. The image above was taken at 12:30am and took over 45 seconds to photograph with no additional lights being used except from the property. Cell phones or other hand held cameras can't compare to what a professional camera and lens can do. Get the most out of your listing by hiring a professional photographer to find those angles and help make your listing shine!

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