* What exactly am I getting when I book a shoot?

- Depending which package you select, you will receive up to 35 images, MLS room dimensions, and photos ready same day at no additional charge for the Premium package. 

* Your site says 35 images. Does that mean I will receive 35 images?

- At Maverick Studio Photography, we want you to choose the best angles. While there is a 35 photo limit, not all homes will require 35 images due to the size. The majority of properties typically receive around 30 images. 

* What happens if I book an appointment but need to reschedule or cancel?

- When you book a shoot, you will receive a confirmation email with all the information about the shoot, as well as the option to reschedule or cancel allowing you to be in full control of your shoot. At the moment there is no cancellation fee. If you decide to cancel the shoot you will be refunded 100%.

* How will I receive the images?

- Once photos are ready to be sent, you will receive a dropbox link via email with all of your images. Simply create a folder on your desktop to store the images and copy them from dropbox into your desktop folder. 

* Do you only do real estate and architectural photography?

- Yes. We don't specialize in portraits, wildlife, weddings, events, etc. Our niche is only photographing buildings/architecture and properties. 

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* Photos ready same day? How?

- Every single image is "hand edited" if you will. There are no filters being used and no help from 3rd party sources for editing. With years of experience in editing, we have our own formula for editing photos. We've been able to get photos sent out within 2 hours after the shoot. This doesn't always happen (especially during busy seasons), but with our quick editing technique, we can have photos ready same day, typically towards the evening.

* I need to have a rental home photographed, but the commission on rentals is about the same as a photoshoot. Do you offer a special package for rentals?

- Whether the property is going for sale, rent, Airbnb, etc., the same amount of work goes into each photo. In short, we do not have a special package that is based on realtors commission. 

* Can you photoshop out holes in the walls, carpet stains, telephone lines, etc.?

- Due to misrepresentation laws, we are not able to alter the image and photoshop damages or unattractive objects out of the shot. 

* Will you photograph the closets, garage, or laundry rooms?

- For the most part no unless requested. These rooms typically do not photograph well due to the size, shape, and clutter that are in these specific rooms. 

* How are your prices set?

- Prices are simply based on the square footage of the property, and any add ons that you may request.

* Do you shoot in HD?

- Yes. All images are photographed in HD quality.